Q&A with content editors. Part 1: Commonly asked questions

We understand that writing can be a difficult and challenging process, and that you may have many questions along the way. That’s why we’ve taken the time to gather some of the most common questions that writers ask, and we’ve provided detailed answers that we hope will be helpful to you. Whether you’re a new writer just starting out, or an experienced author looking for new ideas, we hope you’ll find these answers insightful and inspiring.

Q1: How do I come up with ideas for my story?

Coming up with story ideas can be challenging, but there are several strategies you can try. Consider drawing inspiration from real-life experiences, current events, books, or movies. You can also start by brainstorming and freewriting. 

Brainstorming is when you come up with as many ideas as possible, even if they’re silly or far-fetched. Freewriting is when you write whatever comes to mind without worrying about grammar or sentence structure.

Q2: How do I create interesting characters?

Creating interesting characters is all about giving them depth and complexity. Start by giving them a backstory. What experiences have shaped who they are today? Next, give them flaws and strengths. Characters who are too perfect are uninteresting, so make sure to give them flaws that they struggle with. It’s helpful to provide your characters with internal conflicts that drive their actions and create depth. Additionally, focus on crafting realistic dialogue and allowing your characters to evolve throughout the story.

Q3: How do I develop an engaging plot?

To develop an interesting plot, you need a strong premise, compelling characters, and to maintain a balance between conflict, tension, and resolution. Infuse your story with obstacles, challenges, and dilemmas that push the characters forward.

Create a clear story arc and consider incorporating unexpected twists that keep readers engaged. The conflict should be something that keeps readers turning the pages to find out what happens next. It should have high stakes and feel real to the reader. Remember to avoid excessive exposition and keep the pacing consistent.

Q4: How do I write a strong beginning?

The beginning of your story needs to hook the reader right away. There are a few ways to do this. One way is, to begin with an intriguing or dramatic event, pose a question, or present a conflict that immediately captivates the reader’s attention. 

Another way is to introduce an intriguing character right away. Another option is to start with an intriguing question or mystery that the reader wants to know the answer to. Finally, you can start with a striking setting or description that immerses the reader in the world of the story. Aim to grab the reader’s interest within the first few paragraphs.

Q5: How do I keep readers interested throughout my story?

To keep readers interested throughout your story, maintain a balance between action, suspense, character development, and plot progression. First, you need to make sure that something is always happening. There should be a constant sense of forward momentum while avoiding excessive info-dumping and maintaining a steady pace.

Second, you need to raise the stakes throughout the story. Make sure that the conflict is escalating and the characters are facing bigger challenges. Finally, keep the reader guessing by introducing plot twists and surprises. Create tension and conflict, reveal information gradually, and end chapters with cliffhangers to encourage readers to continue.                    

Q6: How do I write a satisfying ending?

A satisfying ending should feel earned and appropriate for the story. It should also resolve the main conflict and leave the reader feeling satisfied. To achieve this, you need to tie loose ends, resolve conflicts, and address the character arcs. You should also make sure that the ending is consistent with the tone and themes of the story. Finally, a satisfying ending should leave the reader with something to think about, whether it’s a sense of hope, a moral lesson, or a lingering question. 

Q7: How do I write effective dialogue?

Writing effective dialogue requires a few things. First, Make your dialogue sound natural and authentic by paying attention to speech patterns, word choice, and character personalities. Second, it should move the story forward and reveal something about the characters or the situation. Third, it should be concise and to the point. 

The dialogue should reveal the characters’ personalities and motivations, so, use it to advance the plot or reveal information about the characters. Pay attention to each character’s individual voice and style of speaking. Vary the length and structure of the dialogue to keep it interesting and ensure it contributes to the overall story. And finally, don’t forget to add emotion and subtext to the dialogue.  

Q8: How do I avoid writer’s block?

Overcoming writer’s block can be challenging, but there are strategies to help. First, take breaks and engage in activities that inspire you. Second, If you’re stuck on a specific scene or idea, try brainstorming, freewriting, or discussing it with fellow writers. Third, set realistic goals and establish a writing routine. Fourth, read other writers’ work for inspiration. 

Sometimes, simply forcing yourself to write, even if it feels mediocre, can help break through the block. Remember, write even when you don’t feel like writing, because perseverance is key. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to overcome writer’s block and get back to writing.


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10 Best Fantasy Romance Books

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Craving romance stories with a different kind of twist? Picture this: Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans, Dragons, Witches, Prophecies, Royalty,  Matebonds, Transmigration and so much more. Love the picture? Great! We love it too! Search no further because AlphaNovel presents to you a carefully curated list of the ten best fantasy romance books to sate your cravings 😉

Sit tight as we delve into enchanting worlds where love meets magic.

Marrying The Vampire Prince (#1 of the Vampire Prince Series)

Snowqueencel takes us through the world of Nicole Jane Parker, a twelfth grader who longs to fill up the gaping hole in her heart, the emptiness in her life that stems from growing up in a rich home with parents who are constantly away and no friends to call her own. Things take an interesting turn for her when she gets transferred to the Clarkson Academy and she meets the Pureblood Prince of Vampires–Kyle Clarkson. The catch? She is destined to be his bride. 

Destined brides, vampire princes and fangs – this steamy mix is everything you didn’t know you needed!

His Caged Princess

A shielded princess. A dark, vengeful heir. A prophecy. The author, Moonlight Muse has us hooked in a world where light meets darkness and clashes. Will the heir who wants nothing but to get revenge on the royals for obliterating his clan and family save the princess from the shackles that have kept her bound all her life? Will she lead him to the light before it is too late? Will they fight together to protect the kingdom from the impending doom barreling their way or will all be lost?

What do we say to this? Yes or yes?

What Your Love Felt Like – The Dragon Saga

Yes! Dragons! A book that holds your heart till the very end. You flip through each page with bated breath, wondering what Frost has next for you. A snippet? Sure.

“She was just supposed to be a pawn in the game of thrones i played. A nanny for my son and perhaps, a little entertainment in my bedchamber as well. Why then did I have to risk it all for her sake? Why was I willing to take a second chance? She was just human, and I had not felt this way, not even for my dragon queen. Yet, my feelings intensify, even if I know deep in my heart that we are no match.”

The War King Rejected Bride

What is even more intriguing than a forced marriage? A forced alliance with a war god! Princess Letitia is given away to the most ruthless being, a king above all kings, Dharium, the king of Nytias. But it had not been her place to begin with. It was her sister he had desired, and they had shipped her off to him like she was irrelevant.

He was brutal, and she was kind. His life was filled with darkness and she was his only light. There couldn’t be a more opposite pair. However, like they say, Opposites Attract.

The Vampire’s Kiss

Stalker alert! Wilfred Bright has us craving a vampire stalker of our own in this intriguing page-turner. Let us paint you a picture: 

You wake up to love bites on your neck everyday. It doesn’t matter that the doors and windows are locked — he always finds his way into your house, gifting you nothing but love bites as souvenirs. 

You have a stalker, you soon realize. It leaves you in fear and discomfort, wondering who it could be every single day. A lover from your past or a stranger?

You find out soon enough. He is both. Your ex has returned, a complete stranger, and now he has a thing for blood and your neck, it seems. He’s a vampire.

The Vampire Brothers

A fan of the vampire diaries? Great! This one’s for you. The O’Connor brothers return to Arcadia after five hundred years of running and hiding. When their ripper brother returns and a Vampire Huntress learns of their unique family, she is left with two choices–work with them to defeat the Vampire King or slay them.

The Sultan’s Bride

Hold up. An Arab King? You heard right! To save her family and her empire from destruction, Princess Gulaab accepted the proposal of a twisted sultan. All she knew of him was the conspiracy against them and her belief that she was all that stood in the way of his plans drove her to utter those words to him. 

      “I do.”

Has she damned herself to a life of torture, hatred and brutality, or has she opened the doors to new possibilities in her life?

Check it out, you know you want to 🙂

Twisting Destiny

Transmigration at its best! After dying in a tragic accident, Rhianne finds herself in a novel world as a character, however, she soon realizes that once again, fate is not on her side. To avoid her tragic ending in the novel, Rhianne decides to change her path completely, taking different steps from what the novel has set out for her.

But the story has been written, and the novel must pan out the way it is supposed to.

Rhiane must rewrite her story if she wishes to live. She must not fall in love again.

The Search For Freedom

A man and a woman assigned to different missions–murder every evildoer that exists on the planet. When Lil and Kaila meet, they hide the secrets of what they really are from each other, choosing instead to feign innocence than admit to the other that they are assassins.

When their curse has them placing their knives at each other’s throats, they must decide if they will run from it or kill each other.

A fresh narrative, a different world that you just might fall in love with.

Three Realms

After she is left for death in a lifeless realm, Xena sets out to take revenge on her tormentor, Xavier. With the help of Levi, her savior, she grows stronger and better, enough to challenge Xavier to a duel, a fight to the death.

At the last minute, with Xavier about to finish Xena off, Levi steps in, sacrificing his life for Xena’s. The rage has Xena discovering powers she never knew existed, and when she raises Levi from the dead, she finds that she might have awakened things that had better been left asleep.

There you have it! Ten best fantasy romance books to add to your library today and binge on. Happy reading! 💖


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Young Adult and Teen Fiction: Navigating the Path to Success in the YA/Teen Genre

If you’ve ever dreamt of finding success in the YA/Teen fiction realm, then this blog post is perfect for you. Within this article, we will delve into the crucial tips for achieving success, which include the importance of high-quality writing, understanding your target audience, and implementing effective marketing strategies. Here, you will discover eight invaluable tips to help you reach your goals in the YA/Teen genre.

1. Read Widely in the Genre and Write Down Important Moments

Familiarize yourself with the popular works in the YA/Teen genre. Read both contemporary and classic novels to understand the themes, writing styles, and character development that resonate with young readers.

By analyzing successful stories, you can learn what makes a book popular and try to incorporate some of those elements into your own work. Additionally, taking note of moments can help you identify trends in popular fiction, which you can then use to inform your own writing. Furthermore, it can simply be inspiring for you to read popular books and take note of the moments that you found particularly impactful.

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

Virginia Woolf

2. Craft Gripping Plots

Develop a plot that is engaging, fast-paced, and has a strong hook/cliffhangers. YA/Teen readers want stories that captivate their attention from the start and keep them eager to turn the pages.

Remember, the first chapter is really important, as it’s often what hooks a reader into continuing with the book. A gripping beginning chapter should introduce the main character, establish the conflict or problem, and give the reader a sense of the world and tone of the story. It should also leave the reader wanting more! A great first chapter can make or break a book, so it’s important to get it right.

3. Stay Current with Trends

Stay informed about the trends and emerging topics in the YA/Teen genre. Keep up with popular books, movies, and TV shows that appeal to your target audience. This will help you stay relevant and connect with your readers on a deeper level.

4. Focus On The Develop Of Your Plot

Never write to fill in words to meet a specific word count goal. Use appropriate language, tone, and dialogue, and avoid too much description, repetition, or unnecessary writing, as each chapter should be meaningful, engaging, and worth reading.

It’s important for you to focus on quality over quantity, and to only include words that add value to the story.

5. Craft Relatable and Authentic Characters

YA/Teen readers are drawn to characters they can identify with, characters who face relatable challenges and experiences. Develop diverse characters with authentic voices, struggles, and emotions. Capture the essence of the teenage experience, including themes of self-discovery, identity, relationships, and coming-of-age. By creating characters that resonate with readers, you establish a connection and increase the likelihood of capturing their attention and loyalty.

6. Engage with the YA/Teen Community

Active participation in the YA/Teen writing community is essential for exposure and building connections. Connect with fellow authors, bloggers, reviewers, and readers through social media platforms, online forums, and writing communities. Attend YA/Teen writing conferences, workshops, and book festivals to network, share experiences, and learn from industry professionals. Seek out critique partners or beta readers to receive valuable feedback on your work and improve your craft.

7. Balance Familiarity and Originality

While it’s important to incorporate elements that appeal to the YA/Teen audience, such as relatable themes and compelling characters, it is equally crucial to offer a fresh and unique perspective. Find a balance between maintaining familiarity and introducing innovative ideas, settings, or twists that set your work apart. Strive to bring a fresh voice and perspective to the genre, pushing the boundaries while staying true to the core themes and characteristics of YA/Teen literature.

8. Develop a Strong Author Brand

Creating a strong and consistent author brand is crucial for success in any genre. Develop a unique author persona and establish a recognizable online presence through a professional website and active engagement on social media platforms. Utilize your online presence to showcase your writing journey, connect with readers and industry professionals, and promote your work. Consistency and authenticity are key to building a loyal readership.

Remember, success in the YA/Teen genre may take time and perseverance. Focus on honing your craft, understanding your audience, and building a strong author platform. Keep writing, revising, and connecting with readers, and your chances of success in the YA/Teen genre will increase.


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New promotional opportunities!

We are constantly increasing our readership base and creating new logics and sections to let the novels of different genres, sizes, etc. shine bright and attract the readers. However, the spots are limited, so all the novels couldn’t be promoted at the same time.

Also, the readers have their preferences, so some tropes would be extremely popular on the platform, and others would receive less attention, which could be a frustrating thing. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our authors, we are expanding the number of slots available for promotional opportunities! 

We are delighted to introduce two new sections on AlphaNovel — Popular Author and New Authors. These dedicated sections are designed to highlight the exceptional talent of our authors and provide more promotional spots for you. 

✨ Popular Author Section:

This section is exclusively dedicated to showcasing our esteemed authors ambassadors. It serves as a celebration of your outstanding contributions and provides readers with easy access to your exceptional novels.

🆕 New Authors Section:

We understand the importance of supporting emerging talent and fostering an environment of growth. Our New Authors section is specifically curated to showcase the works of talented writers who have recently joined AlphaNovel.

This means more novels will have the spot and a chance to shine. We value your feedback and strive to provide you with a seamless and effective experience😊

Make sure that your author’s profile is updated with the relevant info and the avatar, so the readers would have a chance to get acquainted with you and your fabulous works!

Thank you for choosing AlphaNovel!


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New Bonus Policy is presented!

Good day, esteemed community! We are delighted to share more detailed information regarding our Bonuses update. Brace yourselves for an enhanced rewards program that will take your writing journey to new heights, effective from July 1st, 2023, at 12 am UTC.

📌Important Note: All updated bonuses will be effective for applications submitted after 12 am UTC on July 1st. All previously signed books remain with the previous Bonus Plan that is stated in their agreement.

We believe that author’s work should be rewarded, so we offer a fair royalty share: 50% of the Net Royalty for Non-Exclusive books and 60% for Exclusive books (we also have a Gross royalty model with 10% and 15% share respectively). AlphaNovel also has its bonus system as an additional benefit for the authors who reach some milestones. Below you could find a detailed description of all bonuses and their criteria ⬇️

*All bonuses, except the Monthly Attendance Bonus apply for both English and Spanish novels

First Release Bonus

First Release Bonus amount and criteria

First Release Bonus is a reward for the authors who put their work on the platform under the Non-Exclusive agreement. This Bonus could be claimed only for 1 book that:

  • is signed under Non-Exclusive contract;
  • contains 50k+ words;
  • has earned 50% of the bonus (50$) in royalties;

This is a new type of the bonus, so if the author has a couple of books on the platform that were signed under the old bonus plan and has claimed old Non-Exclusive Signing bonus on them, the writer still could be eligible for First Release Bonus with the books applied after July 1st 2023.

Exclusive Signing Bonus

Exclusive Signing Bonus amount and criteria

Exclusive Signing Bonus could be claimed for all author’s Exclusive books that contain 50k+ words and have earned 75$ in royalties.

Exclusive Completion Bonus

Exclusive Completion Bonus amount and criteria

For the finished Exclusive books the Completion Bonus is also available. Its amount depends on the novel’s length, so the threshold also differs. To claim the bonus the novel should meet such criteria:

  • signed under the Exclusive agreement;
  • marked as “Complete”;
  • contains 100k+ words;
  • has earned the threshold in royalties;

Monthly Attendance Bonus

Monthly Attedance Bonus amount and criteria**

Monthly Attendance Bonus is a reward for the authors who consistently update their MAB Exclusive novels during the month. This bonus does not have a threshold that the author should earn in royalties as it has its own criteria. To get the Monthly Attendance Bonus author should:

  • apply for MAB Exclusive Contract and get approved;
  • update 2000 words daily within 25+ days in a month;

This bonus is available only for one book at a time and could be claimed for 3 months after signing and meeting the criteria.

**Only novels written in English could apply for MAB contract

Outstanding Bonus

Outstanding Bonus amount and criteria

Outstanding bonus is an award for the most successful novels on the platform that contain 100k+ words and have collected 250 000 views within 180 days after first publication. All Non-Exclusive and Exclusive books applied after July 1st 2023 are eligible for it once meeting the requirements.

Here are some calculations on how much the Exclusive novel could earn on AlphaNovel if it is a fit for the audience 😊 💸

We believe this update will serve as a powerful motivator, encouraging all authors to create masterpieces and achieve their writing goals 💪🏻

Happy writing!


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Discovering your genre

As writers, one of the most crucial decisions we face is determining the genre that best suits our creative vision. It’s a journey that involves self-discovery, exploration, and a deep understanding of our own writing inclinations. In this blog post, we will embark on an enlightening quest to help you find your genre, that magical realm where your storytelling prowess thrives!

1. Embrace Your Reading Preferences

Reflect on the genres you naturally gravitate towards as a reader. Consider the books that have captivated your attention and resonated with you emotionally. These preferences can offer valuable clues about the genres that might align with your writing style and interests.

2. Research or explore AlphaNovel’s Genres

Take a closer look at the genres available on AlphaNovel and read through some of the most popular books in each genre. This will give you a better sense of what each genre entails and the types of stories that readers are looking for.

3. Experiment Other Genres

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and explore genres you haven’t yet delved into. Give yourself the freedom to experiment with different storytelling styles, themes, and settings. This exploration can help you discover unexpected passions and stretch your creative boundaries.

4. Identify Your Writing Strengths

Consider your strengths as a writer. Are you good at creating complex worlds and fantastical creatures? Or do you excel at writing emotional, character-driven stories? Identifying your strengths can help you find the genres that allow you to showcase your skills.

5. Research Reader Demographics

Each genre tends to have its own target audience. Research the demographics of readers in different genres to see which ones might be a good fit for you. For example, if you enjoy writing stories with young adult protagonists, the YA/Teen genre might be a good fit.

6. Trust Your Instincts and Don’t Be Afraid to Blend Genres

Listen to your intuition and trust in your creativity. Don’t feel like you have to stick to a single genre. Many successful authors blend genres or write cross-genre stories. If you enjoy both romance and paranormal stories, consider writing a paranormal romance. The possibilities are endless.

7. Consider Your Writing Goals

Your writing goals can also play a role in determining your genre. If your goal is to write a bestselling novel, for example, you might want to consider genres that are more likely to sell well. If you’re more interested in writing for personal satisfaction, on the other hand, you might focus on genres that you find most fulfilling. Feel free to check our guide, which will help you to set up your own goals 😊

8. Seek Feedback

Share your writing with trusted beta readers, writing groups, or online communities. Collect feedback on different genres you’ve explored to gain insights into which ones resonate with readers and evoke strong responses. Embrace growth and allow yourself the flexibility to adapt and explore different genres throughout your career.

9. Follow Your Passion

Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing a genre is to follow your passion. Write the stories that excite and inspire you, and don’t worry too much about whether they fit neatly into a particular genre. Passion and enthusiasm for your subject matter will shine through in your writing and make your stories more engaging for readers.

As we celebrate the journey of finding your perfect genre, we are thrilled to announce exciting additions to our app that further enhance diversification and broaden the storytelling landscape. We have recently introduced new genres, including LGBTQ+, CEO/Billionaire, and Werewolves, providing even more opportunities for writers and readers to delve into captivating narratives.

We invite you to explore these new genres, discover fresh narratives, and unleash your creativity within these vibrant literary realms.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to witnessing the incredible stories that emerge from these new horizons. Happy writing, and may your literary adventures be filled with boundless imagination and boundless success.


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8 Types of Heroes in Fiction

The concept of heroes and heroines has been a central theme in storytelling. From old myths to modern literature, the same concept has been depicted in various ways, each representing different ideals and qualities that set them apart from the rest.

Meanwhile, the term ‘hero’ isn’t isolated to superheroes or epic fantasy characters. Every lead, every character in fiction can be classified under the term ‘hero’. 

Here, we will explore eight types of heroes found in fictional books that drive the plots forward and help readers connect and relate with books on a more emotional level, and even begin to root for them!

The Reluctant Hero

This is a character who is initially reluctant to take on the challenges and responsibilities of being a hero. In some cases, they are thrust into a heroic role against their will. They often doubt their abilities or feel like they’re not ready for the task at hand, thus their hesitance and resistance. However, as the story progresses, they rise to the occasion and become the hero/heroine that the story needs.

As aforementioned, a perfect example would be Adea from JP SINA’s book, “The Forbidden Alpha”. Adea’s journey can be seen as that of a reluctant hero who is thrust into a dangerous and morally complex situation, but rises to the challenge and ultimately does what’s right.

The Rebel/Anti-Hero

An anti-hero is a character in a story, who lacks traditional heroic qualities such as bravery, selflessness, and a strong moral code. Anti-heroes often have flaws and characteristics that are normally considered negative, such as being selfish, cold, or evil–however true or untrue these might be. Nonetheless, despite these flaws, anti-heroes have redeeming qualities that make them sympathetic to the audience.

Unlike traditional heroes who are often portrayed as perfect or nearly flawless, anti-heroes tend to be complex characters who are more realistic and relatable. They may be motivated by selfish desires, but they can also have moments of compassion and bravery.

Winter from “The Ruthless Alpha(You’re My Obsession)” by Omaisabella is an example of an Anti-Hero.

The Tragic Hero

The tragic hero is a character who is destined to fail or suffer a great loss. They may have noble intentions, but their flaws or mistakes ultimately lead to their downfall. Tragic heroes are often depicted as struggling against fate or insurmountable obstacles beyond their control.

An example of a tragic hero is King Alan from the “Empyreal” by Stephanie Nzekwue. Alan is a tragic hero who is deeply in love with the Unseelie King’s Consort, but their relationship is ultimately doomed as theirs is an impossible love. Despite his affection for her, he becomes responsible for her death, leading him to spend the rest of his immortal life grieving and seeking ways to bring her back.

The Classic Hero

The classic hero is the quintessential protagonist, often embodying traditional values like courage, honor, and selflessness. Perfection in a single person. Example? We have King Alexander from “The 5-time Rejected Gamma” by Stina’s Pen. These characters are often seen as archetypal romantic heroes, with their charisma, passion, and devotion to the heroines of their stories. They embody ideals of chivalry, honor, and true love that make them compelling and memorable to readers.

The Byronic / Brooding Hero

The Byronic hero is a type of anti-hero who is brooding, intelligent, and passionate. They often have a dark past or a secret that they are trying to hide, and they may struggle with inner demons. Byronic heroes are often seen as outsiders or rebels, and they can be both attractive and dangerous…and aren’t attractive, brooding and dangerous men the most alluring characters?

Lucien from Kiss Leilani’s “The Alpha King’s Hated Slave” book is a great example of a Brooding Hero.

The Everyman/Everywoman

This is a relatable character who faces relatable challenges and navigates them with resilience and determination. They may not have any special abilities, but possess a strong moral compass and a willingness to do what’s right. 

Jada Wright, the protagonist of the book “Cold Showers” by Omolade Ayisat can be classified as an Everywoman Hero.

The Romantic Hero

This is a protagonist who embodies romantic ideals like passion, emotional intensity, and individualism. They may be impulsive or rebellious, but have a strong sense of personal freedom and a desire to pursue their own desires. An example of romantic heroes include Rig Landon from Aimee Lane’s “Hunted by my Alpha”.

The Super Hero

The Superhero is a protagonist with extraordinary abilities or powers that they use to fight crime or protect the innocent. They often have a secret identity and must balance their heroic duties with their personal life.

An example of such a hero is Elaina from “Elaina the Warrior” by Eliza Selmer.

Understanding the different types of heroes in fiction can help writers create complex, compelling characters that inspire and engage readers. Most of the given examples fall on other categories of Heroes as well. The combination of characters can help develop an endearing, fascinating and unique hero that will capture the hearts of the readers in no time. Happy writing!


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5 easy tips to write dark romance

Dark Romance is a riveting and tantalizing sub-genre of romance that explores the deeper, and more sinister aspects of love and relationships between characters.

However, writing a book in this genre can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not familiar with the tone and techniques that set it apart from other romance novels.

Here are five easy tips to help you write a captivating Dark Romance novel:

Consider building a dark and brooding atmosphere/setting

The atmosphere in a Dark Romance novel should be dark, brooding, and intense. Use sensory, descriptive language and vivid imagery to construct a picture of a world that evokes the senses and will help to further lure your readers into this world you have created. This will set the tone for the entire book and keep your readers on edge as well as interested!

Develop complex characters and define their motivations

The best dark romance stories have compelling, well-developed characters. Your protagonist and antagonist should both have their own unique desires, flaws, wants and needs, which drive their actions and decisions. Understanding these motivations is crucial in creating a well-rounded, emotionally driven story and these could very well be achieved through exploring dual point of views as well.

Emphasize on the emotional journey and struggle of your characters

Dark romance is often characterized by the emotional and psychological struggles of the characters. From the moment they meet to the moment they fall in love (or fall apart), their emotions should be the driving force behind the story. Your readers should be able to connect with the characters on an emotional level, so make sure you show, don’t just tell, their emotional journey. Highlight these by delving into characters’ inner thoughts.

Explore unconventional topics

Dark Romance novels often delve into subjects such as violence, sexual obsession, power play or dynamics(could be between characters, where one is extremely dominant and the other is submissive) and psychological manipulation. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries. Explore these topics in a way that’s both authentic and non-gratuitous. 

Incorporate elements of mystery

Self explanatory. Readers find mysterious books engaging and suspense-filled. It keeps them on edge and this makes for great page-turners.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to writing a captivating and unique Dark Romance novel that will leave your readers breathless. Just remember to focus on the characters and their emotional journeys, while also exploring the dark and brooding atmosphere that sets this genre apart. Good luck and happy writing!


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Bonuses are updated!

AlphaNovel has updated writer’s account and bonuses page. From now, every writer could collect the bonus and track the progress in real-time ❤️

All writers get an access to a new interface of the income section, where you now will be able to track the progress of book earnings and bonuses in real time 🎊

In your personal account, bonuses are available to you separately for each book that you uploaded to the platform.

To receive a bonus, follow the progress – as soon as the bonus becomes available, click «claim» and withdraw the bonus.

More exciting updates are coming soon. Stay tuned 💌


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AlphaNovel better reading app!

We provide a great product not only for writing, but also for reading with maximum comfort, the more comfortable the more your audience pays attention to your novels


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How to Write a Good Cliffhanger

If you really want to hook up the reader, learning the art of cliffhangers is a must. Leave everyone impressed and craving for more by turning the full stop into the three dots (metaphorically speaking). Read our free tips on how to end your chapter on a super thrilling note…

Make It Relevant

Imagine this: the 9/10 of a chapter is a sweet and fluffy romance, but you want to end it with a real bang… literally. Will the readers like a sudden car crash or an alien invasion as the ending? Hmm, probably not. Your cliffhanger must not be too unexpected, unless you’re writing a proper thriller. What’s more, it must make sense from the plot development viewpoint. 

Instead of throwing in something sudden and wild, try to build on what’s already there. Has your female character been offered hand and heart? Why not include an ill-timed call or text from her boyfriend’s real passion? Now, that would be a logical cliffhanger if you want to shock the audience.

Make It Sensory

Adding a good cliffhanger is enough… oh, wait, it isn’t. To really make it work, yours must contain the sensory experience of the character whose point of view you’re using. Cutting down the chapter in the middle of a scene may feel unnatural and forced. Make it all about the character and their ‘feels’ instead. 

Let’s take the same example: the character’s BF receives a text or call in the worst possible moment. Instead of simply stating facts, add in the girl’s reaction to this shocker. Did her heart drop? Did she realize he’d been a cheat? Describe her feelings when she gets ‘the news’, and voila, the readers are left impressed.

Make It Brief

Too much detail throws a cliffhanger off the cliff, so try to keep it brief and to the point. Check your ending for the things that would fit better somewhere else within the chapter. If you don’t, the banger might easily turn into a downer. 

Lengthy descriptions or a train of thought are not what make a quality cliffhanger. Be a Hemingway for once and cut down the excessive wording. A few brief sentences or phrases with a good deal of ‘feels’ are the right way to go. All else can be used before the actual cliffhanger – or in the next part of the story.

One Is Enough

…As soon as the girl learns her boyfriend is unfaithful, her long-estranged father knocks at the door. That’s two cliffhangers for one chapter – and a situation a good writer must avoid. Just like too much salt, it spoils the impression, and the readers will feel overloaded. 

First tip: leave only one cliffhanger at the chapter’s end. Second tip: tie the cliffhanger to a relevant plotline. If the girl’s father has not been even mentioned, that would be too much of a surprise – and come across as forced.

Try a Flashback

Flashbacks can shape a cliffhanger without too many gimmicks on your part. In fact, they are a perfect way to add new information that will affect the story. Writing a solid flashback may be tricky, but trust us, it will pay off splendidly. 

How would you pen one for the girl’s sad story? A simple flashback would be her recalling how the boyfriend didn’t answer calls; or skipped a date; or did something equally despicable. It’s up to you and your creative vision to make the past work for the present. A nice idea would be tying the cliffhanger to something already mentioned in the text, like the said missed calls. 

So there you have it: how to write a hit cliffhanger and make your fans count the days until the follow-up. Just don’t forget to add the chapter soon-ish, and they’ll be happy as a quokka. 


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AlphaNovel better reading app!

We provide a great product not only for writing, but also for reading with maximum comfort, the more comfortable the more your audience pays attention to your novels


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