From Novel to Short Series: The Success Story of Goddy Francis, the Author of ‘Taming Mr.Black’

The Success Story of Goddy Francis, the Author of 'Taming Mr.Black'

Every author deserves the spot to shine – that’s AlphaNovel’s motto. Imagine your book is published on the platform, then it reaches more than 100,000 views and in the end is adapted into the short series. That’s exactly what happened to AlphaNovel’s star author Goddy Francis – the author of ‘Taming Mr.Black’.

In this interview we’re going to talk about Goddy’s journey as the author, the characters from her book, and her success on AlphaNovel.

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Goddy Francis’s Writing Career

Goddy, your most successful novels are written in the ‘Billionaire/CEO’ genre. What makes this genre appealing to you?

I mostly wrote young adult novels and horrors at the beginning. Those were my favorite genres, until I decided to try Billionaire/CEO, and was surprised it turned out well. The appealing thing about this genre is the forbidden romance: the idea of an arrogant billionaire and a feisty female lead who could either be fierce or bold.

It’s kinda romantic and enticing to see powerful and arrogant men chase after the women that stole their heart at first glance to the point they’re willing to do anything to get what they want.

Do you have a book that formed your personality or inspired you to start writing?

Before I started publishing online, I used to write novels in notebooks. The first one was titled ‘The vipers’ – the novel about greed, love, and betrayal. My classmates were eager to read it, and their feedback was encouraging! So I decided to do this more often.

And I did, buying countless notebooks, creating book covers with pencils and crayons just to make it look good. In 2016 I published my first book online on a Facebook group, and a lot of people liked it again. That was when I decided to become an author.

The Success of ‘Taming Mr.Black’

What was the initial spark or idea that led to the creation of “Taming Mr. Black”? Were there any real-life inspirations behind the characters of Killian Black and Naomi?

I don’t normally write Billionaire/CEO novels. ‘Taming Mr. Black’ happens to be my very first billionaire book, which took me 9 months to write. The writing process didn’t go smoothly: I wanted a more realistic plot twist that readers wouldn’t expect, so it took me some time to come up with the story direction.

I don’t normally have a plot before I start writing, as I write, oftentimes the plot starts coming to me. As for the characters, there was no real-life inspiration behind Killian, but for Naomi, there are some little bits of me as a person in her.

The cover of ‘Taming Mr.Black’

Both main characters undergo significant changes in the novel. Can you talk about the evolution of Killian and Naomi from the beginning to the end of the story?

Killian is a typical billionaire playboy, self-assured and arrogant. His priorities revolve around wealth, status, and with little regard for deeper connections or relationships. As the story progresses and Killian falls in love with Naomi, his love for her challenges his previously held beliefs and values. He begins to prioritize her happiness and well-being above his own desires, demonstrating a newfound sense of empathy and selflessness and he is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their relationship.

Naomi, on the other hand, finally realizes there’s no harm in giving Killian a chance and learning to fall in love. She lets her guard down and allows herself to be vulnerable with him.

Did you anticipate ‘Taming Mr. Black’ to be one of your most successful stories? How did you feel when you realized it took off?

When a lot of people liked it, honestly speaking, I wasn’t really surprised but that doesn’t mean I was expecting it to be this popular. Most of my readers, including fans from Facebook, liked the Billionaire/CEO genre. But the turnout was unexpected, I was happy because my very first attempt at writing a CEO romance turned out great. All thanks to my readers and fans!

‘Taming Mr.Black’ as Short Series and The Future

How do you feel about “Taming Mr. Black” being adapted into a short series? Are you excited to see your characters come to life?

This has become one of my biggest dreams as a writer. Actually, I’ve always wanted to see my characters come to life to the point I told myself that when I have enough money I would turn my books into movies. I seriously can’t wait to see it as a series. I was excited and shocked when I got an email about an adaptation of my book (The book was adapted into a short series for the new product from the AlphaNovel’s team which will be released in early May 2024 – note from the AlphaNovel team).

Killian and Naomi as seen by AI-service Midjourney

Are you currently working on any new projects or books? Can you share a bit about what fans can expect next from you?

My new book will be in the billionaire genre, it’s called “His Games, Her Rules”. The story is about an arrogant billionaire who wants the one thing he shouldn’t want, and a female lead who’s running away from her past life. She tries to fight her attraction toward the male lead only to realize he’s what she wants. This is just a sneak peak of what readers should expect. There is going to be suspense, lots of it, (I can’t do without suspense in my books, some of my readers should know that already,) cliffhangers, plot twists, and most importantly, romance.

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring writers who dream of having their novels published and possibly adapted into other formats?

For aspiring authors, one thing I would say is that, even though the goal is to monetize your work, that shouldn’t be the inspiration behind why you’re a writer.

Write because you love to write and create amazing ideas and stories that you are just eager to share with readers, people who are eager to read your books, and not because you want to cash out with it. And be patient. Like they say, good things come to those who wait for it.

There’s probably no better way to end this interview than to say that it’s hard to disagree with Goddy, and her success only confirms her words. If you have any suggestions for authors you would like to know more about, please send us an email with your recommendations 🙂

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