🍿Introducing DramaShorts – the short series app by the AlphaNovel team


We’ve gone from watching movies in theaters to streaming them on our TVs and laptops, and now we can enjoy full-length films on our smartphones.

AlphaNovel’s team has launched DramaShorts – a short series app where you can watch your favorite stories in a Reel-like format. Each episode is just under 2 minutes, allowing you to watch whenever you have time without the need to spend several hours in one sitting.

What can you watch already?

Our team has developed two full-length movies based on novels published on AlphaNovel.

Both of the authors had an incredible journey on AlphaNovel that not only led to the success of their novels but also resulted in getting their books adapted into a series. How cool is that? You can read the story of Goddy Francis in our blog post.

How to install DramaShorts?

You can download the app and check the series via these links:

Grab the popcorn and enjoy!

And if you happen to have any ideas for a novel that you think would make for a great short series, we would love to hear them. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!


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