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Make a catchy AlphaNovel writer’s profile

Readers do not only want to buy interesting books, they are also eager to learn more about the personality of the writer who has created their favourite stories. So, let’s talk today about…

8 Types of Heroes in Fiction

The concept of heroes and heroines has been a central theme in storytelling. From old myths to modern literature, the same concept has been depicted in various ways, each representing different ideals and…

Dark romance by AlphaNovel

Dark Romance is a riveting and tantalizing sub-genre of romance that explores the deeper, and more sinister aspects of love and relationships between characters. However, writing a book in this genre can be…

Monthly attendance bonus

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Monthly Attendance Bonus is live on AlphaNovel! It’s an awesome opportunity to receive a bonus for the daily continuation of your novel. You can choose to participate in…

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