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Sagittarius season: what to read on AlphaNovel

The final fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius traits are unlike any other sign of the zodiac; they’re totally unique to this brazen spirit. What makes Sagittarius so unique is its dynamic blend…

AlphaNovel update: Exclusivity & review

Hello, Dear Writers đź‘‹  We are improving the quality of content for our readers and aiming to offer a better writing experience for our authors. In order to ensure the writer’s success for…

5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Your fans can’t wait to see the next chapter of your book… but you’re hopelessly stuck and don’t know what to do. Let’s face it, every writer has been there, but there are…

How to Make Your First Chapter a Real Banger

First chapter matters. In fact, it matters a great deal, and you don’t want to lose any potential readers, right? Give your book a real head start by writing a strong and engaging…

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