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Story Outline: A Comprehensive Guide to Outlining Your Work

Creating an outline is a crucial step in the writing process, helping to organize your thoughts and structure your work effectively. It also serves as a roadmap that guides you through the writing…

Crafting An Intriguing Blurb

Writing a blurb is like creating a trailer for your book. It is the first thing that gives a reader insight into what your story is about, and oftentimes that not, they act…

How To Get Thousands Of Views?

AlphaNovel offers the best opportunity for writers to showcase their works in a vibrant community of readers, however, getting them to notice your work might be a struggle. Never fear, we’ve got you…

Q&A with editors. Part 2: What advice do editors have for writers?

Here is the second part of useful information from our beloved editors. Let’s get acquainted with valuable insights that can benefit writers. Start with a Strong Opening Begin your story with an interesting…

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