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Character Forge (2)

Well-written characters are crucial for readers to connect emotionally with a story. A character’s backstory, motives, and personality play a significant role in this connection as readers will either love or hate them….

What should I write in the about yourself section

Crafting an effective “About Yourself” section in your author’s profile is crucial for making a great impression on your readers. This section provides a unique opportunity to connect with your audience, allowing them…

Eliza Selmer

AlphaNovel is launching a series of interviews with our most successful writers. In this series we’re going to talk about their professional journeys, sources of inspiration and, of course, the business-side of building…

AlphaNovel is looking for Spanish Authors!

Hola, dear authors! AlphaNovel introduced its Spanish vertical last year, and now we’re gearing up to give it a significant boost. Here’s why this should catch your interest. With over 500 million Spanish…

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