5 mistakes that shaped me as an author: Renata Costa’s experience

Renata Costa is a Brazilian author who dedicated her life entirely to writing. She has 8 romance novels published on AlphaNovel: Mi querido Sugar daddy, Casada por casualidad, MI PELIGRO- Encantada por el mafioso and others.

Renata has a large audience in Brazil. She has published two physical books and more than 12 e-books. She started writing just to fill her free time, and her first book became a huge success with more than 12 million hits in several countries. So, what was a hobby became a profession.

In a blog post for AlphaNovel, Renata Costa discusses the mistakes she made during her writing career. These mistakes have turned into valuable lessons, shaping her professionalism and advancing her career.

Mistake #1: Being afraid to step out of your comfort zone

I have always been passionate about adult romance books, especially those involving billionaires, teachers, marriage contracts, and similar themes. When I started writing, I naturally chose to write about what I enjoyed reading the most. As I’ve built an audience, they adapt both to my writing style and the genres I choose. Therefore, I always strive to write what my audience wants to read, but I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone.

Writing is the key to captivating a reader; they will stay with you if they enjoy the way you write.

Mistake #2: Limiting the genres you’re writing in

I write what I would like to read. When I’m deeply engaged in writing and caught up in the scene unfolding in that book, I can already sense it will be a success.

Once I decided to write a book about reverse harem, which is widely accepted in English, but I didn’t quite adapt to it. I’m a romantic author, and having many partners for the protagonist confuses me. Nevertheless, Brazilian readers have enjoyed it.

Mistake #3: Choosing the wrong platform for publishing

If we want to be commercial authors, that is, work with writing, we need to be tuned into genres and how they stand out on each platform. Platforms in English are always changing; currently, standout genres include werewolves, monsters, mafia, reverse harem, sugar daddy, etc. In Spanish, werewolves, sugar daddies, marriage contracts, billionaires, mafia, and more varied genres are prominent compared to English. Portuguese platforms also highlight various genres, much like Spanish ones. On AlphaNovel, my books cover a variety, and I’ve noticed acceptance in many of them. I’ve already placed marriage contracts on an English-speaking platform, and readers desire them less in this language.

Currently, I work with various platforms in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. I choose those that are transparent with authors. For instance, AlphaNovel provides a dashboard where you can track the book’s growth in real time. I avoid platforms that do not offer the necessary support.

I’m enchanted with Spanish-speaking readers; they are very similar to Brazilian readers. They are participative, getting deeply involved in the plot. On AlphaNovel, I follow many comments and have a lot of fun with them. By the way, I’m grateful to this platform for introducing me to a different audience. The English-speaking audience is a bit more reserved but very detail-oriented.

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Mistake #4: Failing to create a fascinating beginning

I need to create a compelling story at the beginning – this is the best promotion for a book. We need to captivate the reader at the start to keep them engaged until the end. We should introduce drama and intensity and subtly present the protagonists within the first five chapters.

My focus is on crafting an excellent book opening. If you hook the reader at the beginning, the book performs well in the algorithms and is recommended by the platform. By being highlighted, it tends to become a success.

Mistake #5: Worrying too much about others’ opinions

Believe in the potential of your story. Add some suspense at the beginning so that readers will be eager to see how the plot unfolds. I am an independent author, constantly seeking knowledge through research and by observing the audience and platforms.

Don’t worry about the opinions of others; everyone has unique perspectives, and this can affect your confidence. My biggest mistake was giving credence to others’ suggestions when the only person I should truly trust is myself.

Step out of your comfort zone and explore various genres. Craft an engaging beginning, and release your next novel on AlphaNovel, drawing insights from Renata Costa’s success, to create a bestseller!


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