AlphaNovel launches new Reward Program for Writers

AlphaNovel keeps its market proposal up to date with the new Reward Program for Writers. The most significant change is an update of Net & Gross royalty share.

New royalty shares were presented following the feedback from AlphaNovel Writers. Our Support Team registered numerous requests from the authors to divide the Net & Gross share proposition.

With the new Reward Program, AlphaNovel provides flexible royalty payment types.

  • The first type is based on Gross revenue (total number of coins users have spent on the novel). It stretches from 10% to 15% for authors with Non-Exclusive & Exclusive contracts, respectively.
  • The second type is based on Net revenue (gross revenue minus marketing costs and store commissions). It reaches up to 50% and 70% for authors with Non-Exclusive & Exclusive contracts, respectively.

As for the bonuses, AlphaNovel provides the Signing bonus from $50 to $150 depending on the type of the contract (Non-Exclusive or Exclusive). You get your Signing bonus for each book you have uploaded to AlphaNovel. Just make sure that your novel is at least 30,000 words long.

The Completion Bonuses allow authors to earn up to $125 with a Non-Exclusive and up to $400 – with an Exclusive contract signed. Size of the bonus grades according to the length of your novel.

Mind that with the Non-Exclusive contract you will get the Completion Bonus only once, while Exclusive contract allows you to get Completion Bonus for every novel published.

AlphaNovel Writers are our most valuable asset. We believe they deserve every penny! That is why we keep our Reward Program above the market level.

As you grow with AlphaNovel as a famous Author, or if you already have a massive audience of loyal readers, we will offer you a special Rewarding Program, including unique royalties and promotion budgets.

Ask for more at [email protected], and stay tuned for extra bonuses and exciting contests from AlphaNovel!

More details on rates, commissions & payouts in the FAQ section for authors.

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