3 books to read on New Year’s Eve

The New Year is almost here, but before you take out the champagne and glasses, pick a book or two for your holiday reading binge. We know it’s pretty hard with all the top-tier authors at AlphaNovel, so catch our free advice as to what you can enjoy before the clock strikes twelve…

The Alpha’s Mate Who Cried Wolf

Things aren’t looking too bright for Astrid at the beginning of the book. Living with her cruel stepfather and working in a diner, she doesn’t even know about her true werewolf nature. It isn’t until one day when a powerful and handsome Alpha Ryker visits the diner that she suddenly starts feeling the mate bond. Yes, there are still problems, as she’s a rogue – and has a fear of wolves because of a dramatic childhood accident. But her real life story is just about to begin… 

Why pick this novel for the holidays? If you enjoy the classic Cinderella plot, you’ll be in for a real treat, where the exciting action blends with the gripping romance. Follow the ups and downs of a maverick Luna on her way to becoming the strong and beloved leader of the pack. And by the way, this book is seriously trending on our platform as of now… 

The Alpha’s Triangle

Young warrior Zira has pretty much everything… except the most important thing: her mate. She’s waited long enough and plans to leave the pack in search of a new life after a party. This, however, doesn’t sit too well with the young Alpha, Isaiah, who feels attracted to the girl – but not enough for a mate bond. A one night stand between the two kickstarts a story full of love, drama, and twists you’ll be thrilled to follow. 

What makes this book a nice New Year’s Eve read? It’s a bold and modern-day romance that doesn’t shy away from saying “love is love” no matter the skin color or gender identity. As Zira is on the lookout for true love and family, her best friend, Isabella, gets a female mate – and couldn’t be happier about it. Stereotypes are broken, bonds are made, and you’ll spend many exciting hours with this werewolf blockbuster. 

Chasing My Rejected Wife

Fans of CEO romance, here’s your “holiday special”. The story follows a rejected wife of a wealthy businessman, left with nothing after a turbulent divorce. A few years pass, and she returns to the city as an assistant to a rich playboy boss. Naturally, she’s bound to run into her ex, now dating her stepsister, and sparks will fly between them even though they are so much at odds… 

So, why this one? The story moves at a nice pace, and there is always an exciting twist or two to keep you turning pages. Add in the tangled web of corporate and private interests, and the book will grip you right until the final countdown.

Whatever your pick is, AlphaNovel wishes you very happy holidays and a fantastic new year ahead!  


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