Push lines: a way to present your work in a social media

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Push lines, also known as taglines, are short, catchy phrases or sentences that are often used for promotional campaigns, i.e. social media promotions, pop-ups, thriller videos, etc, to grab the reader’s attention and convey the essence of the book. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using push lines as a way to present your work to your audience, along with a few examples to guide you on creating the best push lines for your books!

Here are some benefits of using them in promotional activities:

1. Instant Engagement

Push lines have the remarkable ability to hook readers right from the start. By presenting a compelling teaser of the story, they pique curiosity and draw readers into the narrative.


“I, Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack reject you as my mate–”

“I accept your rejection.”

Tessa Lily, “True Luna”

2. Character Introductions

Push lines can introduce key characters or their predicaments, providing readers with a compelling reason to get to know them better.


“I’m a rogue, and they are my Alphas. I hate them, but they’re my mates.”

Solange Daye, “The Alpha Triplets and the Rogue”

3. Establishing Mystery and building intrigue

By posing intriguing questions or presenting enigmatic scenarios, push lines create a sense of mystery that readers can’t resist unraveling.


“Is there anything you can do if your mate slept with your sister?”

AE Randell, “Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate”

4. Setting The Tone

Push lines set the tone for the entire book. They can convey whether the story is adventurous, mysterious, romantic, or thought-provoking.


“Nothing in our world is humane or normal. Especially not my mates. First, they killed my parents. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I ran.”

Jessica Hall, “Tempting Darkness”

5. Foreshadowing

Push lines can subtly foreshadow events in the story, hinting at the journey readers are about to embark on without giving too much away.


 “When you move in with your cocky stepbrother, the future Alpha of the pack and his visceral charms you once called disgusting have you staring at him for longer than you should…”

Moonlight Muse, “Her Forbidden Alpha”

6. Cultivating Suspense

Push lines can be used to build suspense, leaving readers with a sense of anticipation as they delve into the narrative.


POV: She’s the daughter of your father’s murderer, and she’s your mate. You walk away, the hate too strong, but your wolf craves her. You return, but her heart now belongs to another.

Alphabetical B, “Caged By My Alpha”

7. Teasing Conflict and Building Anticipation:

Taglines tease the central conflict or challenge that characters must overcome, as well as create a sense of anticipation, making readers eager to dive into the story to find out what happens next.

POV: She’s a lone wolf – a rogue.

He’s a domineering control freak, a scorching-hot and ruthless Alpha.

She defies him, he infuriates her, but in the face of danger, he’ll break the rules and bones if necessary to protect her.

An encounter unveils a shocking revelation–his rogue is none other than the Lycan Princess herself.

Gia Hunter, “The Rogue Lycan Princess”

Remember, the push line is important because of its ability to instantly capture attention. Initial engagement is crucial, as it determines whether the reader will continue to explore your work, and this is often seen as the primary goal of the push line.

In our world of vivid creativity, where competition for readers’ attention is fierce, this is a potent tool. Use this to your advantage to draw the audience to you–it might just be the key to unlocking your book’s full potential. Happy Writing.


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