Long vs. Short Books: What Works Best

Long vs. Short Books: What Works Best

Is it going to be long – or short? That’s the question many writers ask when sitting down to pen the first chapter of their novel. Let’s cut to the chase: both formats have their pros and cons for authors, readers, and earnings, so the ultimate choice is always up to you. But let’s compare the two book formats and find out what works – or doesn’t work – when you pick one. 

Short Books Are Easier to Finish

The hard truth is that most readers don’t finish the books they’ve paid for. Not too flattening for writers, but that’s how things really are. And this is where the short books get to shine: they are much easier to finish among all the distractions like the funny cat videos or an Instagram update. 

Long books need more dedicated readers to savor them in full. But on the other hand, if a reader sticks with your story, you’re in for more likes and chapter comments. As they say, true friends – or readers – are like diamonds, and diamonds are forever. 

Long Books Bring More Immersion

When you have plenty of free space for character and plot development, the book should come out deeper and more immersive than a few chapters’ story. Of course, a lot depends on your writing skills, but unless you are Mr. Hemingway, you can hardly write a masterpiece with Twitter’s post length. So why not let the story unfold naturally – and surprise the reader with many exciting twists and turns? 

As for the short books, they simply don’t have the momentum to achieve all that. It’s not a drawback if you’re not going for it specifically, but keep this in mind when starting one. 

Short Books Are More to the Point

The dark side of having unlimited chapters is that you’re tempted to go on (and on, and on). Sometimes it’s good… but other times, it’s bad, as the reader will feel the story isn’t going anywhere – or worse, running in circles. Throw in the lengthy character reflections or multiple POVs, and the book becomes too padded for the fans to really enjoy it. 

Now to the short books, which have to be finished in fewer pages. Here the author has to wrap things up – and do it on the level to leave everyone impressed. A tough challenge, but also a great chance to show off your writing and storytelling skills. 

Long Books Earn You More

It’s as simple as arithmetics: when readers pay per chapter, each new one brings you some coins. Short books get finished faster, and you’ll have to write another one to start earning again. Long books are more convenient, as you can go with the natural story progression – and fill your wallet in the process. That doesn’t spell “drag out the plot”, or the readers will lose interest in paying for the upcoming chapters. But the truth is that there is more gold for you in the long books.
Besides, when you publish on our platform, you get much better chances of promotion with a longer novel. That’s how our system works – and that’s what appeals to our vast audience. In simple words, publishing a longer book with us is a win-win situation for yourself and the crowds of future fans.


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