How to start publishing: the way to become a novelist

How to become a writer

If you can’t stop writing and imagining new stories, always fantasising about new twists, let’s celebrate – you are the novelist! Before you start publishing, you need to remember some rules and tips. Scroll the tips from the AlphaNovel team ❤️

1. Find the story that strikes a nerve

It is not enough to choose a popular and mainstream topic. To create exciting novels, the story should drive the author. Only then the short story will turn out to be engaging, energetic, and noticeable. You can check if the story is right with some questions:

  • How closely connected is this story to my own experience?
  • Do I feel strongly about seeing this story portrayed in literature?
  • What impact could this story have on readers? On society as a whole?

Even if you are creating fantasy stories, try to think about the moral you would like to tell the reader or the benefit your fans would have from reading.

2. Don’t judge a draft. Complete

Give yourself creative freedom and write the novel the way you think of the plot. Do not limit yourself to writing only chronologically, do not pay attention to errors or inaccuracies. You will fix it when the draft is completely ready.

This technique also helps those writers who have a fear of finishing a project. Just leave all the stress behind and write.

3. Develop your voice

First, the right voice would help you become visible and recognisable as an author. As a result, your fans would recognise your new novel even if they didn’t know the author.

  • Think about what mood you want to convey and what image of your brand.
  • Before writing any text, ask yourself: how to write according to my vision?
  • Write a lot. Not only novels but also posts on social networks or blogs will help develop your voice.

4. Write “bird by bird”

One of the best pieces of writing advice is actually in the title of Anne Lamott’s book “Bird by Bird”. This technique would help you to write constantly and never stop.

  • Think of a “bird” as 500 words. This word count could become your magic number – it is enough to feel productive and make solid progress, but not too much to feel insurmountable.
  • Write non-chronologically. Just allow yourself to write imperfectly on the first draft, feel free to jump around in your story and let the words flow as they please.

5. Prioritise productivity

Writing could be successful only when the author is productive and efficient. Readers could not wait for the novel too long, so to achieve results, any work requires consistency. Use time-management techniques and be productive.

Our team prepared the article with top writing tips, which could help authors stay efficient: Tips for writers: how to keep writing efficiency

6. Finished? Repeat again

Already published? Start from the beginning – choose a new story and create again!

AlphaNovel team would be happy to help talented authors become famous and meet readers. Come and check about AlphaNovel!

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