How To Get Thousands Of Views?

AlphaNovel offers the best opportunity for writers to showcase their works in a vibrant community of readers, however, getting them to notice your work might be a struggle. Never fear, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll delve into strategies that can help you garner thousands of views and a clickbait here on AlphaNovel.

Try Irresistible Titles and Covers

Your cover and your title must tell a story. Craft titles that spark enough curiosity to make them pause and look at the book’s description. Something dynamic or profound, and the cover art plays a huge role in this as well. Let it be visual and reflect the tone of your work. Remember, the first thing they see serves as their first impression, and you want to make it good.

Blurb/ Description

It cannot be expressed enough that the blurb, annotation, synopsis or description has to be written meticulously with the thought of your readers in mind. Know that this is the first real insight into what your book is about and you must catch their attention here. It is just as important as the book. Make it enticing and concise.

Explore best-selling tropes and multiple tropes

There is nothing wrong with a unique idea. Sometimes readers are in search of something new and fresh, however, analytics show that ninety percent of the time, they tend to go for the trending and most popular tropes. You could inculcate your unique ideas into whichever of these tropes you choose to explore. Mix tropes if you need to. Create something mind-blowing. Ask yourself; What do the readers want? Give it to them, and some more. Make a habit of constantly thinking about your readers and what drives them to read further; to love your work; to pay for your next chapters? What could make your work the reason why they open the AlphaNovel app?

Your first five chapters

Attention-grabbing, fast-paced, page-turners. This is where the readers decide if they wish to continue with your story or not. There are countless books on the platform, but guess what? They’re looking at yours now. Do you want them to keep looking or scroll past? That depends on you!

Cliffhangers – Treat as important!

Do you want your readers to pay for the next chapter? Take cliffhangers not as a suggestion, but as a requirement. It’s a slight push from your end that urges them to tap the next chapter icon.

No filler chapters!

Readers pay to read your work. They’d find it disheartening to purchase coins for your next chapter, just to find ‘fillers’ in there. Filler chapters are written solely to fill up the word count. It does nothing to advance the plot and has nothing to hold the reader’s interest. Uninteresting dialogue, back and forths, repetitions, etc, these will lead to readers losing interest in your work.

Consistent updates

Regular updates keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Stick to a consistent schedule that aligns with your readers’ expectations. This builds anticipation and helps maintain interest.

Self-promotion on Facebook & Tiktok

On Facebook, utilize writing or reading related groups and create pages to connect with readers. On TikTok, create short and dynamic videos that highlight the catchy moments in your book. By tapping into these platforms, you can boost your content’s reach and attract thousands of views.

Consider new releases

Sometimes, all you really need to do to draw in the crowd is starting something new. As readers find one compelling book, their interest naturally extends to the rest of your works! Great, isn’t it?

Interaction and Engagement

Respond promptly to comments and messages from readers. Building a strong author-reader relationship fosters loyalty and encourages readers to share your work.

In conclusion, don’t be discouraged by no reads. Keep writing! Keep going! Every best seller out there started somewhere. They didn’t just hit it immediately. It takes time, effort and growth. If doing the above are a little too tedious, try it your way. An imaginative mind is a creative mind. I do hope the above points aid in your journey to success. Happy writing!

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