How the promotion works

How the promotion works

Each book that is signed on AlphaNovel has a chance to be promoted. 

When the book reaches 50k words it will be promoted automatically, so there is no need to contact an editor or Partnerships team.

How does the promotion work?

There are multiple spots in the app, where your book could be promoted. However, their number is limited. AlphaNovel uses complex algorithms, which are based on AI and ML methods of info analysis to make sure that the books that are liked by the audience are well-promoted. All the books start in the same place, but you may wonder why some of them stay at the TOP of the homepage for a while and others do not.

Here is the answer:

All books that cross the eligible word count appear in the promotion list and could be found somewhere at the bottom of the thematic and recommendation lists of the app. The cooperation of the marketing and analytics teams gives a chance to define future bestsellers by analyzing different parameters of the book like how many people moved from viewing to reading and then paying stage, how frequently the readers are eager to engage with the book etc. If the book’s traction is good, the novel score increases and it helps it to move to better promotion spots and appear in reader’s recommendations more frequently. This process continues as long as the book performs well. 

Consequently, the process is automated and only the readers decide which books would stay in TOP positions and for how long.

If your story does not perform well on the platform, there might be a few reasons for it. It is always a good idea to communicate with the audience to define what they liked and disliked about the story. The easiest way – is to leave your questions for them in the comment section or make a small research on your social media. 

From what we could see, the most frequent reasons are:

  1. The visual imperfection of the story. This means that the reader is not attracted to the book after evaluation of its cover, title, and annotation. Bad design, grammar/punctuation mistakes, and misleading info could negatively affect the first impression.
  2. The plot is slow-paced. In this case, the readers get bored while reading free chapters and they don’t consider buying paid ones, which definitely influences the novel’s metrics negatively.
  3. The target audience for your story is not presented on the platform or is very specific. It doesn’t mean that the book is bad, it just may be the incorrect time for it to shine!
  4. Genres and tags are not selected precisely. We recommend the book to the readers if it is relevant to their interests. If you select too few or too many tags, target audience may not get the recommendation of your novel. So, make sure that you choose the most relevant genre and the tags for describing your story.

Now we work on the Statistics page, to give authors a more in-depth vision of the performance of their books. We hope it will help you to see, analyze and take the advantage of the promotions to maximize your profit and reader’s satisfaction with your novels. Stay tuned to the updates!

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