Dark Academia: what this sub-genre is about

Dark Academia is a literary sub-genre that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Books in this genre typically feature a specific set of characteristics that define them as Dark Academia books. Here are some of the key defining features of Dark Academia books:


Dark Academia books often feature characters who are intellectual and curious. They are interested in learning and exploring the world around them, and they are often drawn to subjects like literature, philosophy, and history.


As the name suggests, Dark Academia books are often set in academic environments like schools, universities, or libraries. These environments play an important role in the story and add to the overall mood and atmosphere of the book.


Dark Academia books often feature a distinctive aesthetic that is characterized by dark colors, Gothic architecture, and antique objects. The overall aesthetic is moody and evocative, and it often adds to the overall feeling of darkness and mystery that is central to the genre.

Supernatural elements

Some Dark Academia books incorporate supernatural elements like ghosts, magic, or the occult. These elements add to the overall feeling of mystery and darkness that is central to the genre.

Complex characters

Dark Academia books often feature complex, multi-dimensional characters who are grappling with difficult issues like identity, morality, and mortality. These characters are often flawed, but they are also compelling and engaging.

Literary references

Dark Academia books often make references to classic literature, philosophy, and art. These references add depth and richness to the story, and they help to create a sense of intellectualism and sophistication that is central to the genre.

Overall, Dark Academia is a complex and multi-faceted genre that is characterized by its focus on intellectualism, academia, aestheticism, and darkness. If you’re a fan of moody, atmospheric books that explore complex themes and feature engaging, multi-dimensional characters, then Dark Academia might be the perfect genre for you.


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