Virgo season: what to read on AlphaNovel

It’s autumn time! And Virgo season is here ♍️

Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice. Virgo is governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. They’re hyper-aware of every detail.

Starting a new chapter, we wish to stay strong, inspired, and sensual. And don’t forget to ask the stars for a piece of advice. To start a new season, AlphaNovel shares TOP books to read for Virgos this September 💫

❤️Their Forced Luna, M. W. Wolf 

Amanda was just trying to escape her pack from a monster that wants to rip her apart and devour the pieces. But she might have just stumbled onto something worse. Alpha Zale finds her on the edge of his property and if she wants sanctuary, there’s only one thing she can do, submit. But the demon she’s found isn’t just any Alpha. He’s her mate, and he likes to share. And will the one she’s run from really let her get away that easily? Or is Amanda about to be caught in a battle between devils that want far more than her soul? A dark dubcon RH adventure.

❤️The Girlfriend Experience, Nan Comargue

According to Zachary, Leda always says yes—and this time he wants her to say it to him, once and for all. Leda’s life is at a low point—jobless and living with her aunt and her aunt’s husband in Heart Lake, Saskatchewan, far away from the hustle of the city. Her only link to that more exciting world is her aunt’s husband’s son, Zachary Benson. But Zach is a hard person to get to know and an even more difficult person to like, so Leda is shocked to learn Zach’s had a crush on her for years. Since her aunt married his father a decade ago, Zach has never been particularly nice to her, mocking her for being a people pleaser who only says yes. Leda is willing to go along with the unusual plan on the condition that it won’t involve any threat to her heart. Since her parents’ deaths, she has armoured herself against losing anyone else she loves, and that makes her determined to never love again. But the more nights she spends with Zach, the harder it is going to be for Leda to keep that promise.

❤️My Possessive Vampires, Maria Warren

“Sonja is down on her luck waitress. Her bills keep climbing and she’s stuck in an embarrassing job with no way to escape. She gets a letter from one Jasper Bright. He demands she come to see him that very night. There’s only one problem, Sonja has no idea who he is. Her boss has been acting very strange lately. Ever since she received that letter he’s been almost possessive, but that couldn’t possibly be true, right? But these men are holding a secret of their own and when Sonja stumbles onto it, her normal everyday troubles are over and she’s got a whole slew of much more worrisome ones to deal with. Just what are you supposed to do when you find yourself in the center of two possessive vampires?”

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Bully romance: 5 secrets to write a bully character

Plot tropes in romance novels are the basis of any story. The more unusual the plot, the easier it is for the author to grab readers` attention.

Bully romance is one of the sub-genres that has been gaining popularity lately. Such a trail allows you to create a rich plot and a variety of characters. Bully romance novels often involve one heroine who tends to have an interest in different characters, one of which is the antagonist. Other characters are often portrayed as more loyal and friendly, to contrast the difference with an antagonist character.

AlphaNovel shares the top 5 secrets about how to create bully characters.

  1. Bully need to have a story behind

Bullying is a difficult and traumatic experience, but since it is the main character in your book, it must have a story. 

The untold story of the character, although not available to the reader, strongly influences the development of the plot. And while some people can be bullies from childhood, most often this behavior is the result of some traumatic experience. Even if you don’t put all the story in detail, think it through for yourself. With a fully developed character story in mind, you will only come up with something that fits with his character.

Be sure to think through these details to get to know the character better in person. For reading, this could be an intrigue and plot twist.

  1. Actions must fit the character

If you’re scared to death of spiders, would you take the spider out of your room by yourself? We think you would call for help.

Often, as the story progresses, authors forget important features of the characters and force them to do things that are completely out of character. It is important to always keep a balance and show the development of the hero, emphasizing his changes, or behave consistently.

When creating a new situation for the characters, ask yourself, “What would I do?” and answer the question in full detail. Next, ask what your character would do, and also try not to miss any details. In a dialogue with yourself, reinforce the answers with a description of the character. For example, my hero would never betray anyone, because a few years ago he was betrayed by his best friend and he painfully endured these events.

  1. Give your character a specific speech

Every person in the world speaks in a certain way, using special words, and phrases or changing the tone of voice in different situations. Give your character these traits and don’t forget to add them to your dialogues.

Don’t forget about body language. Since your bully has a cause or a history of traumatic experience, not only actions but also behavior determines the character during the conflict. For example, at the mention of a certain topic, the character’s hands may shake, and he may start to bite his/her lips or do something else.

  1. Start with critical scenes for your bully

Often writers come up with a few major scenes first that are going to happen to their characters in a novel before writing the whole story. Start with these stories and plot twists – think through the details and record how they will affect the development of the character and the whole story.

Such scenes can be arranged chronologically – for example, to develop a plot at the beginning of the novel, for the development of the story, and at the end. This will help create a story outline and move along a given roadmap.

  1. Let your characters make mistakes

It is important not only to strictly match the character of the characters but sometimes deviate from the rules, allowing the characters to make mistakes and emphasizing the results of such events. First, it adds more life to the story and makes it realistic. Secondly, such twists contribute to the development of characters and open up new horizons for the story.

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How to start publishing: the way to become a novelist

If you can’t stop writing and imagining new stories, always fantasising about new twists, let’s celebrate – you are the novelist! Before you start publishing, you need to remember some rules and tips. Scroll the tips from the AlphaNovel team ❤️

1. Find the story that strikes a nerve

It is not enough to choose a popular and mainstream topic. To create exciting novels, the story should drive the author. Only then the short story will turn out to be engaging, energetic, and noticeable. You can check if the story is right with some questions:

  • How closely connected is this story to my own experience?
  • Do I feel strongly about seeing this story portrayed in literature?
  • What impact could this story have on readers? On society as a whole?

Even if you are creating fantasy stories, try to think about the moral you would like to tell the reader or the benefit your fans would have from reading.

2. Don’t judge a draft. Complete

Give yourself creative freedom and write the novel the way you think of the plot. Do not limit yourself to writing only chronologically, do not pay attention to errors or inaccuracies. You will fix it when the draft is completely ready.

This technique also helps those writers who have a fear of finishing a project. Just leave all the stress behind and write.

3. Develop your voice

First, the right voice would help you become visible and recognisable as an author. As a result, your fans would recognise your new novel even if they didn’t know the author.

  • Think about what mood you want to convey and what image of your brand.
  • Before writing any text, ask yourself: how to write according to my vision?
  • Write a lot. Not only novels but also posts on social networks or blogs will help develop your voice.

4. Write “bird by bird”

One of the best pieces of writing advice is actually in the title of Anne Lamott’s book “Bird by Bird”. This technique would help you to write constantly and never stop.

  • Think of a “bird” as 500 words. This word count could become your magic number – it is enough to feel productive and make solid progress, but not too much to feel insurmountable.
  • Write non-chronologically. Just allow yourself to write imperfectly on the first draft, feel free to jump around in your story and let the words flow as they please.

5. Prioritise productivity

Writing could be successful only when the author is productive and efficient. Readers could not wait for the novel too long, so to achieve results, any work requires consistency. Use time-management techniques and be productive.

Our team prepared the article with top writing tips, which could help authors stay efficient: Tips for writers: how to keep writing efficiency

6. Finished? Repeat again

Already published? Start from the beginning – choose a new story and create again!

AlphaNovel team would be happy to help talented authors become famous and meet readers. Come and check about AlphaNovel!

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How to start with AlphaNovel (Joining & Publishing)

Hello, writer! The editorial team has specially created this guide for writers where we answer questions about our platform in detail so that your work with AlphaNovel is comfortable.

If you want to post your novels in AlphaNovel, we will be happy to help you at all stages – register, get bonuses and promote your books. Today we want to tell you how to start working with AlphaNovel.

ℹ️ Check out our guides

We are sure that you have already subscribed to our social networks and studied our website and FAQ. But we still can’t skip this point 😊

You will definitely have a million questions before you start publishing your novels on the platform and start earning. For example, what is the minimum word count for a novel, and how to get a signing bonus? Spoiler: the minimum word count is 10,000, and the information about bonuses is below.

To make the first acquaintance with our platform comfortable, we have written a detailed FAQ. Please look through it carefully, and you will find answers to most of your questions.

💶 Explore the bonus system and royalties

Names of bonuses on different platforms could sound similar, but each product may have its own rules and features. We at AlphaNovel believe that writers’ comfort is our top priority, so we have created a transparent and understandable bonus system.

For writers, we have a signing bonus and a completion bonus.

📲 Register on the platform

To start working, you need to create an account in AlphaNovel. To do this, follow the link, click “Join Us” and fill in the fields according to the instructions.

If you have already created an account, but suddenly forgot your password, you can restore it. Feel free to click “I forgot my password” and we will send you a link to reset your password by email.

📚 Upload your first book to AlphaNovel

When you have already registered, it’s time to start publishing your first novel! 🔥 In your personal account, you can upload text from your laptop. To do this, click “Create a Novel”. If you are working from mobile and cannot publish a book from your smartphone, feel free to reach out to us at!

In addition, there are many tips in your personal account. For example, we have instructions on how to upload and edit a book.

We want your novel to get to the top, and therefore we try to target the interests of readers with books. Help us learn more about your novel – before uploading the book, fill in the information about it – genre, main characters, plot, and features. The more precisely and in more detail you tell us about your book, the more often your readers will see it.

📃 Don’t forget the contract!

We have already mentioned that we have two options for writers – an exclusive and a non-exclusive contract. You can request a contract in your personal account or by contacting our support.

We offer two types of royalties and they depend on the contract type. For an exclusive contract, you can choose to either receive a 15% share of gross revenues or a 60% share of net revenue. For a non-exclusive contract, you can choose to either receive a 10% share of gross revenues or a 50% share of net revenue.

If you are signing a contract for the first time, please read it carefully and feel free to ask the support team questions. The AlphaNovel team will tell you everything you are interested in and help you deal with all the points of the contract. And before reading the document and choosing the contract type, we advise you to familiarise yourself with the topic of contracts in the FAQ.

Moreover, we plan to introduce an update to the platform for writers soon, where signing a contract will become even easier. 😎

🔥 We signed a contract, published a book… Please the reader and earn money with Alpha!

Hooray, now you are ready to win the hearts of readers! Books with 100k+ words will be added to top charts and categories, as well as exclusive books will be in our top recommendations!

Don’t stop writing and uploading new novels to the platform.

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AlphaNovel launches new Reward Program for Writers

AlphaNovel keeps its market proposal up to date with the new Reward Program for Writers. The most significant change is an update of Net & Gross royalty share.

New royalty shares were presented following the feedback from AlphaNovel Writers. Our Support Team registered numerous requests from the authors to divide the Net & Gross share proposition.

With the new Reward Program, AlphaNovel provides flexible royalty payment types.

  • The first type is based on Gross revenue (total number of coins users have spent on the novel). It stretches from 10% to 15% for authors with Non-Exclusive & Exclusive contracts, respectively.
  • The second type is based on Net revenue (gross revenue minus marketing costs and store commissions). It reaches up to 50% and 70% for authors with Non-Exclusive & Exclusive contracts, respectively.

As for the bonuses, AlphaNovel provides the Signing bonus from $50 to $150 depending on the type of the contract (Non-Exclusive or Exclusive). You get your Signing bonus for each book you have uploaded to AlphaNovel. Just make sure that your novel is at least 30,000 words long.

The Completion Bonuses allow authors to earn up to $125 with a Non-Exclusive and up to $400 – with an Exclusive contract signed. Size of the bonus grades according to the length of your novel.

Mind that with the Non-Exclusive contract you will get the Completion Bonus only once, while Exclusive contract allows you to get Completion Bonus for every novel published.

AlphaNovel Writers are our most valuable asset. We believe they deserve every penny! That is why we keep our Reward Program above the market level.

As you grow with AlphaNovel as a famous Author, or if you already have a massive audience of loyal readers, we will offer you a special Rewarding Program, including unique royalties and promotion budgets.

Ask for more at, and stay tuned for extra bonuses and exciting contests from AlphaNovel!

More details on rates, commissions & payouts in the FAQ section for authors.

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How to launch a Writing Career: Jessica’s story

Today every Writer has a chance to be heard and become famous. But lots of possibilities and choices make it harder for the author to find the way. How to launch your own Writing Career with AlphaNovel?

Well, an example would be helpful. So let’s make up a virtual avatar of Jessica – a passionate Writer with a desire to develop a successful career in the genre of Romance. She wants to get a bigger audience and earn from what she loves – Writing.

Here is a career scenario for you from our Virtual Writer Jessica. It could be a guide for your own career plan.

Jessica’s Story

Jessica works as an accountant and loves Romance novels – she’s a huge fan and a devoted reader. She downloads AlphaNovel Reading App and reads all the books in this genre. One day Jessica decides to write her own romance novel. After reading AlphaNovel Guides and Articles for writers, she makes up her mind: time to become an author.

Jessica creates the plot of her first book – “Total Eclipse of Forbidden Desire,” writes the first 30,000 words, registers on Writers Platform, and publishes her first chapters on AlphaNovel as a draft. Hence, it becomes available for the AlphaNovel Team but is still closed for the readers. That is a smart move – Jessica wants to settle all the legal and financial matters before going to the public.

Then, she applies for an Exclusive contract just by pressing a button on her AlphaNovel personal account. It is an excellent choice since an Exclusive contract provides her with the highest bonuses and royalties on the market.

AlphaNovel Writers’ Support Team proofreads Jessica’s novel, running exclusivity, plagiarism, and quality check. In 3 working days maximum, Jessica gets approval for her “Total Eclipse of Forbidden Desire” and receives a message in her personal account with a signed Exclusive contract.

After signing the contract from her side, Jessica automatically receives a $150 Signing Bonus for her 30,000 words and the opportunity to receive a royalty from her book readings. She can now track all her income & payment statistics in her personal account on AlphaNovel.

Now it is time for Jessica to open her novel to the world. Being a smart and ambitious writer, Jessica puts a paywall on the 3rd chapter of her “Total Eclipse of Forbidden Desire” – just where the first dramatic plot twist is placed.

Readers worldwide start to pay to read her novel, and when her royalties top $75 (that is 50% of her Signing bonus), Jessica can transfer her earnings via PayPal – she gets her first $225 with AlphaNovel!

It is time to celebrate, but we remember that Jessica is both passionate & smart. So she works hard to finish her novel, using feedback from her readers – she posted the first two free chapters of her book on the AlphaNovel subreddit and got plenty of helpful comments & pieces of advice on how to improve her novel.

Jessica publishes new chapters of her book weekly, promoting her book on social media. Soon her audience on the AlphaNovel reading app reaches thousands of readers worldwide, so AlphaNovel promotes her book inside the Reading App and through digital channels on a special promo budget of $500. The number of Jessica’s readers skyrocketed.

Jessica completes her book in a few weeks, which now is more than 250,000 words, and applies for the Completion Bonus. After a short review, AlphaNovel Writers Support Team grants her a $400 Completion Bonus. Together with a $750 royalty earnings, Jessica’s total income from “Total Eclipse of Forbidden Desire,” exclusively published on AlphaNovel, has already reached $1375! Way to go, Jessica!

After a few months, Jessica has already gained wide popularity through the AlphaNovel Reading App. Every week she checks out her income status in her personal account on the Writers Platform and regularly transfers royalties to her card via PayPal.

Now she has loyal readers in Britain, the United States, Germany, and France. They are expecting new books from her, and Jessica is already writing two new novels exclusively for AlphaNovel: “Total Rise of Forbidden Desire” & “Total Joy of Forbidden Desire.”

Having a great success story with her first exclusive book, AlphaNovel proposes to Jessica a special contract with higher bonuses and royalties as well as an exclusive $10,000 promo budget. Now Jessica gets close to her dream – becoming a Global Writing Star!

Your scenario may be different from Jessica’s, but you sure can be just as successful as she is. Feel free to ask questions and get advice on or on our Facebook page and our subreddit. Also, check our Blog and Medium for writing tips & inspiration.

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Writer benefits. Five reasons to choose AlphaNovel

AlphaNovel is the best place for writers to get published and earn from their work. Whether you are a beginner or already a well-known fiction writer, you can be sure you get the best deal in the publishing market.

Here are five important reasons to join AlphaNovel Writers’ Platform right now.

1. The easiest way to publish.

With AlphaNovel, you get an easy-to-use interface for authors. A clear and simple design allows you to navigate smoothly through the publishing process. Track your statistics, check your income, withdraw your earnings & get support from your personal account. Upload & edit your book with a click.

Just a couple of hours – and your novel is available on the AlphaNovel reading App for free! Ready to play big? Let’s sign a contract and start growing together!

2. Editorial support.

Our Editor’s team works 24/7, so you can count on their support all the way from the registration to uploading, editing, and completing your book. Is it a book cover, a novel title, or a plot switch – be free to ask our editors for help and advice.

The success of our writers is of the highest priority for AlphaNovel since the publishing of outstanding books is the cornerstone of our reading app, with thousands of fans worldwide.

3. Rates above the market.

We offer authors the best conditions for digital publishing. Our Signing Bonus is up to $150, and the Completion Bonus is up to $400. They are available for all the authors with the contract, which can be signed from your personal account. With the Net royalties ranging from 50% to 60%, AlphaNovel is the best proposition in the market. Check the details of our new Reward Programm for Writers.

Calculations of your payments are stored and updated in your personal account on the Writers Platform. Find more details on payments in the FAQ section for authors.

4. The best tools for promotion.

AlphaNovel reading app is specifically designed for the best presentation of books so that all the readers find what they love. That gives the authors numerous tools for promotion. Top weekly novels, Top trending, Top new, Thematic selections, etc., allow you to exhibit your books in the best way possible.

As a data-driven digital publishing house, AlphaNovel understands the enormous power of social media and online advertising. That is why we offer our Best New Authors a special +$500 budget for promotions on the most influential media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

If your novel performs really well with an additional promo budget, we will provide you with the special terms, rates, and budgets to become a new Global Writing Star. A special promotion budget can be raised up to $10,000 and even higher. Find more details on promotion in the FAQ section for authors.

5. Customized support 24/7.

We empower our Writers. AlphaNovel pays a lot of attention to providing support to the authors. And to making this support truly 24/7 – AlphaNovel operates in all developed markets of the world, in several time zones, and on all continents.

The Writers Platform, the sole center of management and interaction with authors, is constantly updated. The latest update included an updated interface, simplified navigation, and an updated FAQ section that was based on feedback from AlphaNovel authors.

Check out our Blog and Medium for guides, updates, and inspiration. You can ask for support by e-mail or directly from your personal account on Writers Platform. Take full advantage of the Writers Platform right now.

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