AlphaNovel launches Monthly Attendance Bonus

Monthly attendance bonus

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Monthly Attendance Bonus is live on AlphaNovel! It’s an awesome opportunity to receive a bonus for the daily continuation of your novel.

  1. You can choose to participate in MAB while applying for an exclusive contract. Click on the MAB participate button and your story will be reviewed within 10 business days. 
  2. You can receive MAB for the first three months after signing the contract. We take into account calendar months and you need to add words within 25 days.
  3. You can track your progress with the Daily Update Calendar.

Check all the requirements that you need to meet to get MAB on the FAQ page.

❗Please, be aware that our content team will check all the novels participating in MAB with much attention. We have high requirements for MAB novels so that our readers will get the best reading experience, and writers will get fair conditions to participate. 

So don’t be upset if your application will be declined – you can always make corrections and try again. 

Stay tuned for the updates. Our team is going to tell you all the MAB details in the next posts 🔥

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