AlphaNovel broke into the TOP-20 reading apps in the US

AlphaNovel entered the TOP-20 applications in the book category in the USA among TOP Grossing and even surpassed Amazon Kindle in November.

AlphaNovel is a marketplace for romance novels and comics where both experienced and young authors can publish their books. AlphaNovel is building an ecosystem of modern publishing, where the popularity of a book is not determined by the publisher, but by the readers.

“Fifty years ago, publishing houses determined what we would read tomorrow. We allow any author – and there are millions of them around the world – to publish their book and get feedback from readers. So readers can decide for themselves which book will become a bestseller, and the author will know for sure whether his story is loved”, AlphaNovel team said. 

Every day we work on building the best ecosystem for authors to create and readers to enjoy the content. We want for every writer to have a chance to publish a story that will become a bestseller.

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