5 Writing Tips for Beginners

5 Writing Tips for Beginners

Being a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t write well. In many cases, all you need is simply polishing your skills. Trust us with some tips on how to bust the newbie roadblocks – and pen your first hit novel.  

1. Read, Read, Read

This may seem a bit weird – shouldn’t you focus on the writing? In fact, the more you read by others, the more well versed you become in writing styles and methods. What’s more, you won’t be missing any fresh trends in the genre. Want to go viral? Follow what the rest of the pack are doing.  

Creating is imitating, as they say, so it’s a good idea to practice writing like your favorite pros. In fact, even the most recognized authors tried this trick to level up. Your unique style always matters, but until it’s all polished and shiny, try writing like the greats. It’s fun – and it pays off.

2. Work Out a Routine

Inspiration is silver, writing routine is gold. Making money as a writer means penning thousands of words – and meeting deadlines. Your readers won’t wait months or years for an update (unless it’s Game of Thrones, but that’s another story). 

Dropping new chapters on a schedule can be quite a challenge, though. To bust this block, work out a writing routine of your own. Set up the weekdays and the hours when you’ll write – and stick to them like glue. Also make sure that nothing distracts you during this time. Writing bits and pieces in between clients or calls is less than perfect. 

3. Use Exercises and Prompts

There are thousands of these online, no worries. Join a writing community, sign up for a contest or a fest, or simply use the lists from writers’ blogs. Every event or challenge is a step closer to your dream, so make it a speedrun, and not a marathon. 

Practicing writing is much like working out. You start small and level up with each new visit to the gym. That’s why pick the challenges that fit your skills and don’t take up too much of your free time. Better not to take on something than feel guilty afterwards.

4. Write for Yourself

Some would call it the #1 writing rule, some wouldn’t. Either way, writing for the hype and cringing from your own work may easily discourage the newbies. Following the readers’ tastes or a viral trend is nothing bad, but you’re not on a big corp marketing team – and you don’t have to be. 

Instead of “fitting in”, try writing from your heart. Great chances are that what appeals to you will also click with the audience. Follow your instincts and your own sense of taste, and they will guide you to the top.

5. Be Ready for the Feedback

Let’s be honest: the “no crits” approach will get you nowhere. The Internet is a tricky place, and not every comment will mean well – or be worth reading. But without that, you may never reach your full potential as a writer. 

How do you face the critics? Simple: pick the comments that actually tell you what and how you can improve. If someone doesn’t like your style, this may be it: they just don’t like it. But if the person gives you sound advice – maybe you’re being wordy or unclear – use that as a key to the writer’s growth room. 

So that’s it! Follow these five tips – and don’t forget you’ll always have a fair chance with AlphaNovel.


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