5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Your fans can’t wait to see the next chapter of your book… but you’re hopelessly stuck and don’t know what to do. Let’s face it, every writer has been there, but there are practical tips on how to overcome the nasty writer’s block and stay productive. Go check them out! 

1. Build a Routine

Writers write best when they feel inspired, but you don’t really have to depend on that in your work. Start by figuring out the most productive times and days for you. Is it late at night or early in the morning? Does the weekend work better for you than the work days? 

Whatever the answer is, make sure you are consistently following your new schedule. It may seem difficult at first, but after a few weeks, your writing sessions should become a habit. And a habit is harder to break, right? 

2. Write a “Bad” Draft

Wait… bad? Yes, if you are a hopeless perfectionist and stall because you want it done 100% right from the first try. Don’t sweat over one sentence for half an hour; try to write what you’re thinking as it goes. Relax and leave the perfect phrasing for later, when the chapter is all but done. 

The (absolutely) hardcore way to keep on writing is to use this free app. If you don’t put in a word or two every few secs, guess what happens? All of your progress gets instantly lost. This may be cruel but can train you to stop overthinking – and start writing, at last.  

3. Swap the Perspective

Sometimes you’ll feel like going in circles with a character. Their perspective is all drained for the moment, and you just can’t think of what to do next. Your best action in this case? Switch to a different character and start describing the events from their point of view. 

When using this particular tip, try not to be repetitive. Picking another character as the perspective doesn’t mean you should go over the same events again, only through their eyes this time. Remember the classics? A rose is a rose, however you name it. Revisit the scenes only if it really drives forward the character development and plot. 

4. Eliminate Distractions

A noisy neighbor, the street traffic, or a loud fan are not the writer’s best friends. No wonder they retreat to forest cabins or seaside property so often in the movies. Writing is a tricky thing, and not every author has the superpower to shut out the rest of the world. 

Your job or other commitments can be a roadblock, too. Trying to write a chapter in between clients or calls can be (very) unproductive. If you’re an author who needs time to “warm up”, take that time after you’re done at the office – or simply on the weekend. 

5. Stay Positive

Sometimes the writer’s block is just too strong to overcome it in one day. Instead of torturing yourself and feeling lame, keep calm and use the tips above to make things right. Even if all fails, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer and can’t do it properly. The magic will return, sooner or later, and you’ll surprise the world with a real banger of a chapter. 

Just wait and see!


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