5 easy tips to write dark romance

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Dark Romance is a riveting and tantalizing sub-genre of romance that explores the deeper, and more sinister aspects of love and relationships between characters.

However, writing a book in this genre can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not familiar with the tone and techniques that set it apart from other romance novels.

Here are five easy tips to help you write a captivating Dark Romance novel:

Consider building a dark and brooding atmosphere/setting

The atmosphere in a Dark Romance novel should be dark, brooding, and intense. Use sensory, descriptive language and vivid imagery to construct a picture of a world that evokes the senses and will help to further lure your readers into this world you have created. This will set the tone for the entire book and keep your readers on edge as well as interested!

Develop complex characters and define their motivations

The best dark romance stories have compelling, well-developed characters. Your protagonist and antagonist should both have their own unique desires, flaws, wants and needs, which drive their actions and decisions. Understanding these motivations is crucial in creating a well-rounded, emotionally driven story and these could very well be achieved through exploring dual point of views as well.

Emphasize on the emotional journey and struggle of your characters

Dark romance is often characterized by the emotional and psychological struggles of the characters. From the moment they meet to the moment they fall in love (or fall apart), their emotions should be the driving force behind the story. Your readers should be able to connect with the characters on an emotional level, so make sure you show, don’t just tell, their emotional journey. Highlight these by delving into characters’ inner thoughts.

Explore unconventional topics

Dark Romance novels often delve into subjects such as violence, sexual obsession, power play or dynamics(could be between characters, where one is extremely dominant and the other is submissive) and psychological manipulation. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries. Explore these topics in a way that’s both authentic and non-gratuitous. 

Incorporate elements of mystery

Self explanatory. Readers find mysterious books engaging and suspense-filled. It keeps them on edge and this makes for great page-turners.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to writing a captivating and unique Dark Romance novel that will leave your readers breathless. Just remember to focus on the characters and their emotional journeys, while also exploring the dark and brooding atmosphere that sets this genre apart. Good luck and happy writing!


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